Ashley Tisdale is 101 Cafe Cute

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Ashley Tisdale is 101 Cafe Cute

Fri, 27 February 2009 at 6:22 pm

Ashley Tisdale is 101 Cafe Cute

Ashley Tisdale is 101 Cafe Cute
Ashley Tisdale keeps it cool as she leaves 101 Cafe in Hollywood on sunny Friday afternoon (February 27).
The 23-year-old actress was accompanied by her manager, Bill Perlman.
Ashley was seen out and about yesterday with pals Samantha Droke and Caroline Clark, grabbing a bite to eat at Aroma Cafe.
UPDATE: It was just announced that Ashley will be covering the new issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Be sure to look out for it!
10+ pics of Ashley Tisdale leaving a meeting at 101 Cafe…
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Tisdale-101 ashley-tisdale-101-cafe-02
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Tisdale-101 ashley-tisdale-101-cafe-04
Tisdale-101 ashley-tisdale-101-cafe-05
Tisdale-101 ashley-tisdale-101-cafe-06
Tisdale-101 ashley-tisdale-101-cafe-07
Tisdale-101 ashley-tisdale-101-cafe-08
Tisdale-101 ashley-tisdale-101-cafe-09
Tisdale-101 ashley-tisdale-101-cafe-10
Tisdale-101 ashley-tisdale-101-cafe-11
Tisdale-101 ashley-tisdale-101-cafe-12

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